About Us


We are Oli and Kylie, the proud owners of a Sealine S34 which we have named PLATYPUS. This is our first ever boat which we bought in November 2019.

Having spent a while dreaming of owning a boat (well Oli did mostly), we found that there was not a huge amount of resource on the internet that we found particularly useful about finding your first motor boat and what the expected costs of purchase and ownership would be. We have started this blog to lay bare the facts and figures as well as the ups and downs of our boat ownership (no holds barred).

Platypus Sealine S34

Why did we buy a boat? We live in London but have always been happiest by the sea. Unfortunately our jobs are not compatible with a big move to the coast, so we decided that we could spend a little less time at home and a little bit more time exploring the south coast of the UK. What better way to do this than by boat? We didn’t want a sailing yacht, which seems to be the most common way that people take to sea, but this wouldn’t have suited the way we wanted to use the boat, so a motor boat was looked for, chosen and bought.

We have made mistakes and will no doubt make some more along the way, things will break and cost silly money to fix, but mostly we hope for calm seas, sunny skies and happy boating for as many months of the year as possible.

Some people say that the acronym BOAT stands for Bring Out Another Thousand, but we would like to think it actually is Bring On Another Trip.

Thanks for checking out our site and joining us on our journey.

Oli & Kylie